Q: What is Appeal Architects fee range?

A: This answer depends on the type of project, size, complexity, and amount of services needed or desired. Basic Level Full Services for a project start at around 3-5% of the estimated construction cost, with Top of the Line Luxury services at 10-15%. 

Q: What is the normal fee range for Architects? 

A: The typical average range is between 10-20% of the estimated construction cost for Basic services. For more information see this website: http://architecturalfees.com/ which is a compilation of historical data collected from multiple sources and methods over 50+ years. 

Q: Can I afford to hire an Architect?

A: Can you afford not to? Using an Architect is the #1 way to avoid costly mistakes and bad design decisions. Historical data has shown that projects designed by Architects reduce the number of change orders and construction errors, saving money to an extent that often times exceeds their fees. Homes designed by Architects also historically keep their value at a higher rate than homes not designed by Architects. 

Q: Do I really need an Architect for my home renovation or new home design?

A: Many states do not "require" an architect be involved in home design and construction. But why would you trust your most expensive investment with someone who isn't trained or certified in the industry?

Q: I know a drafter who says he can draw up plans for 1-2% of the construction cost. Why should I use you instead? 

A: Would you trust a nurse to perform surgery if they could do it for less money? or would you seek a qualified doctor who specializes in the surgery you require? Similar to doctors, Architects are trained, tested, and certified to be the most qualified experts in the field. Whereas drafters require the least amount of training and little certification, if at all. Your home or building is likely the most expensive investment you have with renovations potentially being the 2nd most expensive investment you make. What level of expertise should you trust with that investment? 

Q: How is Appeal Architects different than other Architect Firms? 

A: Using another analogy, Appeal Architects is like your neighborhood fine dining restaurant that specializes in quality, delicious, chef created dishes, but isn't seeking the limelight like the more expensive trendy upscale places that get all the publicity. You know you'll get a tasty meal, filling portions, and great personalized service. Appeal Architects is the type of firm that seeks to give our clients an expertly created product in a way that makes them feel valued. Our reputation amongst customers is more important than getting published in a trendy magazine. 


Q: Why should I use Appeal Architects versus another Architect? 

A: There are many good architects available to choose from. The best answer is that we don't force clients to jump in head first. With our First Things First System, we allow potential clients to get a low cost "taste test" of what it will be like working with us before committing to more expensive services. You'll get the opportunity to see if our personalities are a good match. If in the rare occurrence it isn't a good fit, at the very least you'll leave with a valuable document customized for your project that can be used with another architect. 

If you want to know why you should choose Appeal Architects for your project. These answers will help you decide. 

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